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About me

Hi there


  I want to think I got my soft touch and sassy personality from my Grandma Pinky.

Having Fine Hair myself & have had experience in TE & Hair Loss, along with a lot of my clients, I wanted to educate myself in why & what was causing this & how can I help people deal with hair loss. So I went back to class at the US Trichology Institute & the American Medical Association.

I believe that there are too many chemicals in our skin care & we need to be mindful of what we are putting on

our skin & our kids' skin.

I can't wait to talk about your favorite shows on Netflix, your favorite drink recipe & All the things.

See ya soon!


Jennifer K

Thank you for helping me feel more confident and beautiful after each haircut.

Mary S.

My hair has improved to the point where it is better than maybe it ever has been.  I will be forever grateful to her.

Rita S

She understands how I feel about my fine, thin, curly hair.

A true gem!

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