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White Room
White Room

Meet TED

No trauma

No discomfort

No needles

No downtime or recovery period

No post-treatment shedding

Noticeable results in one treatment

Less shedding

Improves scalp health

Increases blood flow

Thicker, healthier hair

Quick treatment sessions

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BOOK A  free 15 min consultation to see if you are a candidate

Call 763-404-8606

A revolutionary, non-invasive hair growth treatment for hair shedding, hair loss and hair thinning.

women with hair loss

Hair Loss ? 

Are you having


$ 200

$100 deposit required  -  Not  covered by insurance


In this 1 hour consultation we will go over:

  • Microscopic scalp & hair evaluation

  • Lifestyle & medical history

  • Personalized treatment plan

  • Free follow up appointment

CALL Christopher J Salon to book - 763-404-8606



$ 325

$100 deposit required  -  Not  covered by insurance

The hair stores information:

  • Deficiencies in Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino acids & Fatty acids

  • Toxin exposures

  • Food & additive sensitivities

All of these can cause hormonal imbalance & Hair cycle disruption that can lead to hair loss.

Light Therapy

 Low Level Light Therapy has many benefits

for hair growth

  • Increases hair growth

  • Increases hair count

  • Strengthens hair

  • No side effects

  • Adds volume

Copy of Copy of D R Y S H A M P O O (6).jpg

Hair Toppers

Partial Coverage for top of head

Instantly transform your look by adding

volume & body.

  •  Free Consultation

  • Human hair Toppers

  • Personalized color

  • Personalized haircut

 Price is determined by size & length of topper

Hair & Scalp Treatment

 The Micromist Hair Steamer uses the power of water to penetrate deep into the hair & scalp addressing hair issues like:

  • Hair loss

  • Hair breakage 

  • Dandruff & Dry scalp

  • Psoriasis

  • Adds more shine, volume & minimizes frizz.

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