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Hair Check Service

This is a close examination of your hair & scalp using a specialized microscope.  

We will analyze the condition of your hair follicles, their density, and any signs of damage or inflammation.  This assessment will help us determine the specific type of hair loss you are experiencing & potential underlying causes.

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What happens during a 1 hour Hair Check appointment?

You will first fill out a detailed questionnaire,  you'll share your hair history, lifestyle, and any medications or specific medical concerns you've encountered. 

Next, we'll move to a private backroom where I will perform a microscopic evaluation of the hair & scalp.

After the evaluation, we will discuss our findings and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

What happens after your appointment?

After your appointment, you will receive an eBook via email, detailing your personalized treatment plan for your reference.

A free 30 minute follow-up appointment will be made to ensure we are seeing positive results & we are addressing your hair loss concerns.

How to make an appointment?



Book a Hair check


or HSA plan

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