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5 Fine Hair Tips

The Core of our hair is smaller & the outside Cuticle of our hair is more fragile, so following these 5 Tips will keep your hair stronger & healthier so it can grow thicker & longer.

1. No Detergents in your shampoo.

Get rid of anything that contains Ammonium & Sodium Lauryl Sulfates. These are super drying and make the hair more fragile.

2. Put Conditioner on your ends ONLY.

Putting conditioner on your roots will make your hair fall flat after a few hours.

3. Turn your Blow Dryer & Irons down.

Our fragile cuticle cannot handle the heat. The lower the better. Try to keep around or under 200 degrees.

4. Be Careful with Highlights.

Ask your stylist to use Olaplex or Wellaplex in your lightener to protect your hair if you want Highlights. Your hair will feel amazing & not dry if this is added.

5. Oils are tricky.

It is best to use oils on dry hair. If I know I am washing my hair the next day, I will put on hair oil about 1 hour before I go to bed & wash out in the morning. A Great conditioning treatment!

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