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Can you Stop Hair Loss?

Are you tired of watching your hair thinning before your eyes and wondering if there's anything you can do to stop it? The good news is, with the help of a trichologist, there may be options to slow down or even reverse hair loss – but it all depends on the type of hair loss you're experiencing.

The first step on your journey to healthier hair? Finding a trichologist who can help identify the root cause of your hair loss. From genetic hair loss to scarring alopecia, each type of hair loss requires a tailored approach to treatment.

Let's start with genetic hair loss, also known as male and female pattern hair loss. In these cases, your hair follicles gradually shrink over time, leading to thinner, finer hair. But here's the silver lining: if caught early enough, there are interventions that can help make those hairs bigger and thicker again. Through a combination of supplements, topicals, and treatments like TED (Trans Epidermal Delivery), we can slow down genetic hair loss and preserve your hair for years to come. READ THIS HAIR LOSS STORY!

But what if you're dealing with scarring alopecia, a more aggressive form of hair loss? While we may not be able to reverse hair loss that has already occurred, a trichologist working in conjunction with a dermatologist can help slow down its progression and preserve the hair you still have.

And let's not forget about telogen effluvium, a condition characterized by excessive hair shedding. By delving into your medical history and identifying potential triggers for shedding, we can develop a personalized plan to address the underlying cause and promote healthy hair growth.

So, can you stop hair loss? With the right expertise and treatment plan, there's hope for healthier, fuller hair – and a trichologist can help you find it.


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