How to keep your Blonde Bright!

Oh, the feeling, when you confidently walk out the salon door with your bright Blonde hair.


Only to look in the mirror a few weeks later and see YELLOW. What the heck?

There can be a few culprits that are trying to make you look bad.

First of all your hair is more porous if you are lightning your hair, which means there are little gaps in the hair that can collect minerals and product, so there are a few things we need to look at.


Minerals in your water are collecting inside those Gaps & trying on jeans. Sorry, sometimes I think I am funny.

I have clients who buy a Filtered Shower Head and it really helps there color last.


If you have colored hair you HAVE to use Sulfate Free Shampoo. Not only will Sulfates dry out your hair but they are pulling all your color out as well. Think of Sulfates as a carpet cleaner pulling all the dirt out of the carpet. You do not want a shampoo to pull out all the color you just paid for.


Especially with Fine Hair we need to turn down the heat. Hot Showers open the hair, so more of that color is coming out with hot showers. Do a cooler rinse on your hair when shampooing & conditioning.

ALL irons and blow dryers need to be as low as they can be and still get the job done. Your Hair will thank you. I promise.


Your hairstylist should be recommending a glossing service in-between your Blonding services. This will maintain your Blonde & the Shine. Who doesn't want to keep their hair shinny? Depending on your color of blonde your stylist should be recommending a blonde shampoo for you as well.

Do all these things to Keep you Blonde hair shinny & Brass Free, and Be yourself today, because you look Beautiful like that!


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