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Pay it Forward

One of the things that makes me emotional is Random Acts of Kindness. It gets me every time. When Someone pays for my Starbucks, I literally want to chase them down and tell them that they made my day.

So I have decided that once a month I will gift someone with a gift box full of hair products and a gift card to get their hair done.

If you have someone that could really use a Day Brightener or is in need of a pick me up I would love to gift them with one of my boxes. Please e-mail me at

As Hair stylists we can make peoples day. #randomhairkindness

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1 Comment

I can’t overstate how much I appreciate Tabitha’s expertise on hair loss and hair thinning after I experienced significant hair loss post surgery. With her experience and expertise, I’m well on my way to new hair growth. I’m truly impressed with the depth of her knowledge, her product recommendations, and advice.

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