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Stat-icky Hair

Every winter, Do you feel like you just need to always wear a hat? For us Fine Hair gals I feel like it can get pretty bad. I want to tell you a secret....

The last few winters, I have not had any Static all winter.

1. Wash less - Washing every other day or every 3 will keep your natural oils in your hair.

2. Using Sulfate Free Shampoo - Sulfates are aggressive detergents and will dry out your hair faster than a hot knife through butter.

3. Use a leave-in-cream - Fine Hair Gals use use LivingProof thickening

For my curly Gals use Moroccanoil Frizz control.

4. Always use a Thermal Protectant Spray. No matter what time of year it is. Spray in before you blow dry EVERY TIME. This alone will save your hair, hair color and keep the overall integrity of your hair.

Now go out there and show off those locks!

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