The Difference between dry scalp & dandruff


This is when skin cells shed quickly and cause small, white, dry flakes that fall on your clothes and hair. This is not bad hygiene. Having dry scalp can cause your scalp to itch, which can lead to inflammation. Having inflammation for too long can lead to infection and even hair loss. You can also have burning, sensitivity and dry / brittle hair.


* Weather * Caffeine

* Harsh Shampoo * Stress

* Diabetes * Products

* Thyroid * Hair Color

* High fat diet * Chlorine

* Smoking/Vaping * Dry Shampoo

* Medications * Shampoo too often


* Stay hydrated

* No products with Sulfates or harsh chemicals

* Apply pure aloe vera

* Apply jojoba oil

* Use scalp treatments like Scalp prep and Nourish conditioner by XTC hair products. or Living Proof dry scalp remedy.


This is when oily skin cells clump together. These yellow or white scales attach to the hair shaft and feel tacky to the fingers. These crusty patches cause itchy, irritated, red skin. If not treated, could lead to infection and hair loss.


* Hormones * Genetics * Medication * Alcohol

* Illness * Diet * Stress * Drugs


* Pure aloe vera * Apple cider vinegar * Fish oil * Probiotic

* Shampoo with Selenium sulfide, Zinc pyrithione or salicylic acid

* Foods high in Omega 3 and Biotin.

* Eliminate sugar and eat an Autoimmune (AIP) diet

* Ultraviolet light

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