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The Truth about hair shedding

Do you want to know the truth about hair shedding? Because a lot of hair loss companies want you to think that their hair loss shampoo will stop your hair shedding. I wish it were that simple, but that is simply not true. Now, having hair shedding every day is normal. There are about 10% of your hairs in the shedding phase every single day. I am not talking about this type of shedding. I am talking about abnormal hair shedding. The kind that when you take a shower there are balls of hair in the drain, in your hands & in your brush. This type of hair loss comes from inside the body. There is actually a trigger that happened about 3 months before your shedding started. And if it is covid or vaccine related then we are looking at a couple weeks to less than 3 months before your abnormal shedding started.

There are Many reasons why you are having abnormal hair shedding. This is called Telogen effluvium or TE. I will be going over 5 of the big ones today.

Number 1 is sickness. This could be from covid, Infections, depression, allergies, heart disease,surgery’s, heart disease or autoimmune diseases. These all, if severe enough, will take energy from non vital organs like our hair to give energy to heal the body.

Number 2 is medications. If 3 months prior you stopped or started a medication then this could be the reason for your hair shedding. Now I am not saying to stop your medication. Please talk to your Dr. to see if this could be the cause of your hair loss.

Number 3 is Low protein diet. Our hair is made of protein and if you started a low protein diet for new years, then 3 months later you might be experiencing abnormal hair shedding. If you are low in your daily intake of protein you will have weak, brittle hair, more hair shedding, hair texture changes & flat dull hair.

Number 4 is Stress. Stress does a lot to the body like releasing cortisol and restricts blood vessels. The blood is how the hair gets its nutrients so we definitely don’t want to restrict our hair's food supply, right?

Number 5 is hormones. Any type of hormone imbalance will take energy from the hair & this type of shedding can last a long time. So changes like pregnancy, menopause stress, autoimmune, medications, infections & radiation therapy.

So look back on all of these and change things if you can, like cutting out processed foods and sugars, Start incorporating more proteins, lower that stress & if you think it is hormone related, include more foods that balance hormones, exercise, get good sleep, & most of all manage that stress.

If you feel like you need more information on what is causing your abnormal hair shedding than I do have a hair loss quiz that will provide you with more information.

CLICK HERE to take the hair loss quiz.

CLICK HERE to get more information on my hair shedding mini-course.

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