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Why is my hair dry?

Do you always wonder why your shampoo "stops working"? It's like it works for awhile then it doesn't!! Well, I always tell my clients to change their shampoos & conditioners with the seasons. Know why? Because your hair and scalp changes with the temperature.

One big culprit behind winter hair shedding and brittleness is dryness. The drier air, both inside & outside can make a big impact on our hair.

So make sure you go Sulfate Free. You don't need any detergents drying your skin out more.

And try using a Conditioner that is more moisturizing. I know this is difficult if you have fine hair but there are some out there. I love the Living Proof Frizz Conditioner for winter then I go back to the Living Proof Full for summer.

I hope this helps you to love your hair a little more.

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