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The LaseCap SD contains 80 laser diodes, delivering a prescription-strength, 1.15 J/cm2 dose of light energy to the hair follicles.

LaserCap SD



    These lasers penetrate the scalp, effectively reaching the base of the hair follicles during a short 30 minute treatment every other day in order to have thicker, healthier hair.


    • FDA-Cleared & clinically proven to be safe & effective with NO side effects.
    • 80 laser diodes, for Hair loss on vertex/crown (top of head)
    • Delivering prescription-streangth, 1.15 J/cm2 dose of light energy to the hair follicles.
    • 1 year satisfaction guarantee
    • Discreet therapy under your hat
    • Includes LaserCap, LaserCap Baseball cap, Portable & rechargeable battery pack, Leather battery pack case, AC wall charger, User manual, LIFETIME warrenty policy.
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