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Having Hair loss? Do this

Hair loss needs to be taken care of like you have never taken care of your hair before. If you are having Abnormal hair shedding or slow genetic hair loss. The first thing to do is to give it a break. This means no heat. You need to let your hair air dry and do not use hot irons.

I love my big fluffy towels like you do but DO NOT use them to wrap up your hair. You are just pulling the hair around the hair line and that hair is supper fragile. So now might be the time to invest in some microfiber, soft towels that give your hair a nice hug like these ones on Amazon.

It's time to treat your hair nice!

The second thing to do is to give your scalp a treatment.

This leave in treatment improves thinning hair. Your scalp needs to be balanced to grow strong, healthy hair. Applying this treatment over night will help feed the hair and strengthen the roots of the hair. Another way to give your hair some much needed love.

Third but not least. We need to eat a healthy diet. Our hair is made up of keratin & amino acids. Without these nutrients our hair will not grow healthy and stay strong. Foods like eggs with yolks, leafy greens, Pumpkin seeds & Greek yogurt are great to add into your daily diet.

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