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Hot or Not

Oh that curling iron you have can make those curls look SOOO good! Like many things in life, it comes with a price.

Using hot styling tools can make your hair look great but it can also damage and cause hair loss overtime.

Breakage, split ends and Frizz are not pretty. Breakage can make the ends of your hair see through & who wants that?

While during warmer weathers, nature’s heat can stimulate blood circulation to promote hair growth but too much sun exposure can cause hair loss as well. Finding a balance is key in this process.

If you’re like me, living in a four season area, there’s only so much sunlight or hot weather to depend on so incorporating a Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) or Red light therapy for hair growth is a great option.

So giving your hair a rest by using less heat, applying heat protectants or lowering the temperature to your hot tools can be hair rewarding.

This is my favorite heat protection product. It is weightless, protects, shines & repairs the hair.

This is my favorite heat protection products for fine hair. It is weightless, protects, shines and repairs the hair. You just need a few sprays on wet hair and you are good to go.

If you don't have a dial or know what the temperature is on you irons than it is time to get a new iron. If you have fine hair it should be around 270 degrees. My favorite iron is the Moroccan oil irons. The digital display is easy to read.

Start being nice to your hair. It deserves it after all you put it through;)

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