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Telogen Effluvium (TE)

TE is sudden abnormal hair shedding. You do have normal hair shedding. Click here to read what normal hair shedding looks like. People usually know when they are having way more shedding than normal. You usually find more hair in your shower, more hair in your brush, and more hair in your fingers when you run your hands through your hair when it is dry.

This is very disturbing when this is happening. You are probably starting to feel sad & frustrated. I hear you, I have been there myself.

The key is to find the Trigger. Your Trigger happened 2-3 months prior to when your shedding started.

  • Child birth

  • Change in diet

  • Stressful Event

  • Fever/Illness . Covid 19 positive

  • Any Vaccinations

  • On/Off medications (this includes birth control)

  • On/Off supplements

  • Color/Chemical hair services

  • Allergic Reaction

  • Gut issues

Some of these we can correct the trigger. Some of them we cannot change.

Thick, Healthy, Shiny hair comes from inside the body so don't think that just buying a hair loss shampoo is going to bring your hair back. We have to heal the inside.

Hair is not a Vital Organ. When the body is under stress, it takes the energy to grow hair and puts that energy to good use by repairing the Vital Organs.


EAT CLEAN: Inflammatory foods like sugar & processed foods can lead to hair loss.

GUT HEALTH: Our gut and skin/scalp are connected.

SCALP HEALTH: If the scalp is not healthy than the hair is not healthy.

SUPPLEMENTS: Adding extra nutrients that the hair needs to grow and be healthy. Click here to check out the Most effective brand of Hair supplement on the market with no added fillers.

The Key is to stop the abnormal hair shedding before 6 months. I have a full E-book on TE that has helped so many people. I hope it helps you as well. Click here for your TE E-book. Use code SUMMERHAIR.

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