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Fine Hair can't be Dry Hair.

Masks, Oils & Treatments....OH MY. Have you tried all these and nothing seems to help those spit ends, tangles and frizz?

Fine hair is so hard to hydrate because a lot of ingredients can way it down & even our volumizing products can make it more dry. Say what? Let's look at some things.

Dry Hair:

* Repels water

* Has a rough texture

* Breaks when stretched or splits easily

* Does not hold style or hair color

Causes of dry hair:

DIET - Make sure you are eating enough anti-oxidants like protein, fruit, vegetables, iron and vitamin E, Fish Oil & vitamin C into your diet.

CHANGE IN HORMONES - Pregnancy, menopause and Thyroid imbalance can cause dry & brittle hair. (Get tests done if you have never had dry hair & it has all the sudden become brittle)

PRODUCT - Sulfates (SLS) and Alcohols in shampoo & products can cause breakage and hair thinning.

HOT IRONS & DRYERS - Turn down the heat! Make sure you are blow drying on medium/warm and turning irons to under 350 degrees. The lower the better.

So Lets change our diet and start eating what our hair needs. Use Shampoos & Conditioners with healing vitamins and lipids that repair the hair and keep it strong without weighing it down.

Look for Hydrolyzed silk proteins and keratin products that will replace lost protein & increase hair moisture.

Be Gentle when it comes to brushing or styling when wet.

Using a Thermal Spray before styling will help strengthen & minimize breakage.

Your Fine Hair Friend,


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