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What to tell your hairstylist if you have fine hair.

What is the best type of haircut for fine hair?

Shorter hair is usually better. If you can see through the ends of your hair... you need to go shorter for it to look thicker.

There are some Do's & Don'ts for fine hair.


  • Blunt Cut the Perimeter

  • A blunt edge makes the hair look thicker, whereas a razor or point cutting will make it look thinner.

  • Texture & Movement

  • Even Fine hair can have certain areas that don't quit move right or lay right. By adding Texture to these areas it creates soft movement which will make the hair look thicker.

  • Soft Face Framing

  • When adding face framing make sure the hair points at the features you want to enhance, like your lips, cheek bones or eyes.


  • Layers

  • Layers can make the bottom of the hair look thinner.

  • Bangs

  • Unless you are wearing the bangs up or pushing them to the side, bangs can look see through. If you can see your forehead through your bangs you need to grow them out or push them to the side.

There are so many styles out there. Get one that makes you feel good....Oh, and make sure it is easy & fun!

Be yourself today, you look Beautiful like that.

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