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Hair Growth Shampoos

There are so many Shampoos on the market that say that they grow hair....but do they??

There are certain ingredients that you should look for that you want in your shampoo & certain ingredients that you don't want.

Why Use Hair Growth Shampoo

Regular Shampoos do not clean inside the hair follicle. If you have build up in the hair follicle the hair is being suffocated and does not grow properly.

We need the scalp to be clean & healthy so the hair can grow stronger & longer.

These shampoos will stabilize the hair follicle, slow down shedding, reduce build up, & keep the hair in the growth cycle for a longer period of time. All of this good stuff results in Strong, Thick Hair!!

Scientific Proven Natural Ingredience

Niacin (vitamin B3) - increases circulation

Ketoconazole & Saw Palmetto - Slows down hair loss

Pumpkin Seed Oil - DHT Blocker

Zinc - Balances skin

Salacylic Acid - Reduces Sebum in skin

Vitamin A, D, & Biotin - these make the hair grow faster & stronger

Rosemary Oil - improves cellular generation

Bad Ingredients

Look for these in All your cosmetics, detergents & shampoos

Alcohol - Polypropylene glycol Parabens Cocamide DEA

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Silicone Dimethicone Sodium chloride

Propelyne glycol Dioxane Ammonia Sodium

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