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Your Gut Health affects your Hair

What if I told you your hair thinning was from not having a healthy gut bacteria?

If your gut is full of bad gut bacteria, then there is no way you are getting enough nutrients for your hair to grow properly.

I read once that if you have just 1 week of antibiotics, it takes your gut 2 years to get all the good bacteria back. Isn't that crazy? They are even linking Alopecia Areata with bad gut bacteria.

If you are :

  • taking birth control - have bloating & weight gain - smoking

  • taking antacids - Don't sleep well - have a skin condition

  • Have chronic stress - don't drink enough water - drink hard alcohol

Your gut bacteria needs a boost.

How to help your gut:

  • Stay hydrated - Eat clean

  • Cut back on Inflammatory foods

  • Eat foods high in probiotics like - Asparagus - Onions - Garlic - Oats - Greek Yogurt

Pickles - Aged Cheese like Gouda & Cottage cheese - Foods high in Fiber

  • Take a Probiotic - 5 - 15 Billion Units per day with at least 8 colonies in the refrigerated section

  • Take Omega 3's - EPA & DHA in the refrigerated section

Our gut produces Biotin (B7), K2 (regulates calcium) and Niacin (makes our blood flow better).

These are all essential for Hair Growth, not to mention it helps regulate our hormones and thyroid.

So lets do all we can to keep our hair the fullest & strongest it can be.

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Ashley Orfe
Ashley Orfe

Interesting! I never knew gut health affected hair!

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