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Stressful Hair loss

It is one of the first questions as a hairstylist & Trichologist that I ask if you are having Hair Loss.


When your body is under constant stress there are a lot of things that happen to the body. We don't sleep well, we don't eat well, we drink more and exercise less. All of these can cause headaches, muscle aches & inflammation.

But the worst one of them all, is it messes with your Gut Health.

When your body is under stress it cannot properly absorb vitamin B & other vitamins that are essential for growing healthy hair. Our Gut is our second brain and if it is too busy trying to help our vital organs when they are stressed out, then there is nothing left to help out our hair.

Our hair is not a vital organ.

A balanced Gut actually can lower our stress levels and a Stress free body can help our Gut!

Everyone is different on how they deal with stress. If you feel like you need to balance your Gut with a probiotic because you are having other symptoms like bloating, digestive issues or skin problems, make sure you see your Dr. or a Naturopathic Dr. before taking an over the counter probiotic.

These are a few suggestions.

  • Deep Breathing - In the morning and at night take time to Breathe & be grateful for what is going to happen or what did happen throughout the day. ( I got this one from my friend Rach ) Rachel Hollis!

  • Exercise - Take a walk or find a You Tube video on stretching. It's free!

  • Plan Something Fun - Dinner with the family at a Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives episode in your home town! Go see a historical landmark in your town! Golf! Go to the Zoo! Visit your friend who just got a new puppy!

  • Take time for yourself - This is a big one right? We don't do it enough. We need to laugh more, get our nails & hair done more, get a facial or message, and take care of ourselves MORE!

How do you deal with stress? email me at

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